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We are a private studio meaning that all access and tattoos are done by appointment only. We regularly open the agenda for new projects. There is limited space so we accept selectively.

Contactform is for appointments only, info on pricing, waitingtimes ect Read here

For all tattoos deposit is required, without deposit no appointment possible. We will contact you for an appointment when the agenda opens again, this is frequently but as you will understand this can take  a while.

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i have been tattooed by you beforei would like to become a client

i want to start a larger tattooi want a cover-up / extensioni want a smal tattoo

Incomplete messages cannot be answered , no right to reply can be derived from sending a message.  We will contact you either by mail or phone (protected number) we do not do voicemail.

Kon Emmastraat 16B
2225AX Katwijk ZH