No doubt you have heard the development of the fight against coronavirus has entered the next urgent phase. Nobody knows for how long and unfortunately everyone will see their daily routine change and lose things, for one his company for another his common sense and unfortunately for some a loved one. In order to inhibit the coronavirus, it is currently of the utmost importance to potentially limit social contacts.
Social distancing!
Tattoos are done in a closed space at a short distance (less than 1.5 meters) for a longer period of time and with several clients per day.
So this is not social distancing !
Also weak precautionary measures, such as disinfecting hands when entering the shop and keeping a distance between customers is not social distancing. Everyone can decide for themselves what to do. For me its not difficult.
I am forced to take my responsibility and close the doors of my shop from Monday March 16 to provisionally April 28
I will miss tattooing in the coming weeks and maybe months, but this is all less important than protecting our most vulnerable people, namely the elderly and those with (conscious or not aware of) underlying health problems. Protecting our most vulnerable is more important than personal and economic interest.
Be smart to take care of yourself and each other.