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Inkredible ink tattoo has been operating since 2020 as a completely private private studio. The biggest difference with before is that we are no longer a regular shop with opening hours, open days, etc. This was a drastic and difficult decision. Because of growing international movement and the increasing demand for the larger original custom work for which Inkredible ink is now gaining worldwide recognition, this choice was inevitable.
The vision and pursuit of a studio where all styles are mastered, where is worked with a fresh look at modern styles and ideas, respect and connection with traditional styles and tradition is unchanged.

Waiting times:

Inkredible ink tattoo is distinguished by leading internationally recognized exclusive, unique and original quality custom work. Tattoos that are more than worth the wait. The aim is to have the shortest possible waiting time, there is only a limited number of available places and acceptance is selectively.

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Your story and idea is our priority.
Almost 20 years of professional experience and much international activity has ensured that you can always expect a professional, honest and direct answer from us about the possibilities of what we can do for you.

Prepare yourself as best you can to make it clear what you mean, printed examples can help you to explain to what you would like to have tattooedby us, there are many tattoos done by us on this website and these are regularly updated so please check take your time to look around and let yourself be inspired.

Some house rules and tips.

We are a private studio all access is by appointment only.
Access 16+ We work 1 on 1, no one can join, you come alone to your appointment. Make sure you come to your appointment well rested and feeling comfortable in your own skin, so no colds, flu, just got better ect so that it will be the most pleasant experience possible for everyone.

For more information about tattoo designs and the different styles of tattooing that we do, see further on this site.

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