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Inkredible Ink Tattoo

Inkredible-ink tattoo started in 1999.
Intending to become a relaxed all-round tattoo shop with a positive spirit where everyone feels at home.
A shop where all styles had to be managed with a fresh outlook on modern styles and ideas, respect and connection with traditional styles and tradition.
And Katwijk proved to be the right place for that.

Katwijk aan Zee, in the middle of the Randstad and on the edge of the Bollenstreek (dutch for Bulb region)
Katwijk and our shop is easy to reach from all directions, whether you come by car motorcycle or by bus (busstop on the corner)
Carparking in front of the door or in one of the many parking garages within walking distance

Getting a tattoo by us.

Good plan, make sure you are well prepared before you come to shop to discuss your tattoo. You have to walk around with your tattoo for a lifetime, do not be afraid of asking  stupid questions, we have enough stupid answers.
We have almost 20 years of professional experience and a lot of international activity, therefore you can always expect a fair and direct answer about the possibilities of what we can do for you.

Waiting time.

We are a fairly busy studio, but waiting times can be surprisingly short, depending on the type of tattoo you want us to make for you, For larger tattoos and complex tattoos it may take a little longer.
We always try to book our clients efficiently and know how to take care of business , which means that waiting time is as short as possible,

Your Tattoo

Your story and idea is our priority!
But do as much as possible to clarify what you mean. Printed examples can help you to explain yourself about what you would like to get tattooed by us. There are many  tattoos on our website , which are regularly updated. So take a rest, and look around let yourself be inspired.

Our method.

Blank you come in, tattooed you go out.
No seriously, you’re going to think thoroughly about what you want, come along to talk with us about what you want to get tattooed by us and we will discuss with you what the possibilities are.
When you have paid the deposit and have made an appointment for your Tattoo, a file will be created for you if necessary, about what has been discussed with you, especially what Tattoo you want and where you want to get tattooed on your body and some other details.
You will also be asked about your health and will see some papers that the GGD wants you to look into.
The tattoo designs are often made freehand on your appointment for you.
This allows the design to go well with the shape of the underlying muscles and joints and the forms of your anatomy.
After your session, you will receive a leaflet of aftercare instructions on how to take care of your new tattoo. If necessary, a follow-up appointment is made to finish your tattoo in which case your deposit will be transferred to your next appointment, and so on.

Some house rules and tips.

We are a professional tattoo studio; An adult affair. Access from 16 years and older, no children no exceptions, no large groups of people , no pets.
Do not smoke, eat, or drink inside the shop.
Loud conversations on the phone outside please.
If bring your own design, printed on paper is a lot easier for us to make our sketch than from a USB stick or phone, and we can also help you better with your tattoo.
And make sure you are prepared , well rested and you  had a proper meal before you get tattooed so it will be a fun experience for you as well.
Everyone is welcome.
Come without children, else we can not help you.

For more info about tattoo designs and the different styles of tattooing check the rest of this site.

Make an appointment with us.

We are a private studio meaning that all tattoos and consultations are done by appointment . Make a appointment