Black and gray tattooing


tattooskills design by maarten 1needle

3D statue arm tattoos by maarten

beautiful smile and beautiful hair design by maarten





Black and Gray Tattooing, finds most of his origin from the prisons and the streets, characterized by their soft gray tones silky smooth shading fine lines and elegant script.
Subjects like Roses, Religious, Payasa’s, Hyna’s, Skulls and much more, flowing together in a dreamlike manner telling a personal story of the wearer.
Introduced into the tattoo shops by a small group of “pioneers” in the 70′

Growing up in a fisherman town (Katwijk) traditional tattoos were all I knew.
Until my mind was blown away when I saw these “pioneers” work and I was hooked for life.
I am an all-around artist but black and gray tattoo has become my speciality, and where most people know me for.

All black and gray tattoos I currently do are custom designs drawn on the spot and preferably freehand so it goes well with the shape of the muscle and the bone, most is done single needle; like it says al is done with 1 single needle.

No shaders, mags or other large groups of needles , Single needle black and gray the original and only way to create that Smooth and Soft stipple shading  wich is needed to get that real authentic street look.

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By Maarten Emily
Fine line black and grey tattoo
By Maarten Emily
Fine line Black and grey tattoo
By Maarten Emily
cover up
cover up

gangsta shit tattoos design by maarten
By Maarten Emily

tattoos on hot tattoo angel chick

religious praying angel streetlife arm, tattoos design by maarten

chicano beautiful hyna design by maarten

chicano hyna with peacockfeathers tattoos design by maarten

sexy payasa clowngirl design by maarten

big boobed pirate lady tattoos by maarten

girls with tattoos design by maarten

realistic portrait of horse, tattoos by maarten

sailboat in storm tattoos design by maarten

backpiece design by maarten
By Maarten Emily
sexy angel with tattoos , clock design by maarten
By Maarten Emily

beautiful praying catrina, religious design by maarten

white highlighted tattoos design by maarten

beautifully white ink highlighted diaz de los muertos

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To find out more about Black and Gray Tattooing and the History of Black and Gray Tattooing,  watch this great movie!

Tattoo Nation; The True Story of The Ink Revolution.