I have a question what is the best way to get in contact with you ?
There are not many things that can be as personal as your tattoo, so the best way to answer your questions about your tattoo is in person in the shop.
Even in this time of social media and email this is the only way to help you. So feel free tor walk in the shop with your questions regarding your tattoo.

What  does a tattoo cost?
How much does a blue car cost we always say.
It can be very different and depends on many different factors, like what style tattoo do you want? What size? how big or small are you? Where do you want the tattoo on your body? How does the skin look on place you want to get tattooed? Is there a lot of details in the design you want?
Does the design need to be made for you?
Do you want colors? …..i can go on for a long time but you can also imagine the complexity of the question.
If you want to get tattooed the best you can do is come by the shop in person on opening days , so we can give you a clear advice about your tattoo and give an idea of ​​the price.
Please note that a statement about the cost of a tattoo is only relevant to us if the intention is to get a tattoo by us, we are clearly not a grocery store.

I want a Chinese, Japanese, Arabic sign can you translate this for me?
Unfortunately, we do not speak and read and write all languages, you could look around on Google. We also have books in the shop with Chinese and Arabic characters.

If I bring my own design, can you tattoo it?
You can bring your own design, if we can tattoo this depends on the quality of the design that you bring. Feel free to come and see what we can do for you.

How long can I not swim or go in the sun with my new tattoo?
Average  3 or4 weeks

How do I take care of my tattoo?
After tattooing, you will receive a aftercare folder that tells you how to take care of your new tattoo.
Only the aftercare products you need to be purchased at the drugstore yourself.

Do you tattoo on fingers ?
In principle, yes, we tattoo just about all parts of the body, but in advance we will inform you what the risks are, the skin is not the same everywhere on the body, so you can not achieve the same result and Expect quality.
This is therefore a risk that you should consider yourself.
Provided that we have the right to refuse.

Can I take someone during my appointment?
You can bring someone, but this person can not come with you to the treatment room, and if it’s busy, he or she wil be in the way in the customer space, so better not.

How can I prepare myself for the big day of my tattoo?
Sleep well, do not stress, good pre meal, wear comfortable clothes and you can bring pillow and towel for longer appointments.

Does tattooing hurt?
No and sometimes yes 🙂 difference per person and depending on what place you want the tattoo on your body.

Are there any tattoos or people who you refuse?
Very offensive tattoos and offensive people we do not find wise to help, however, rarely occurs.

Do color tattoos faid faster?
Not in our experience.
The modern color pigments remain very beautiful for a longer period of time.
Much also depends on the experience and skill of the artist and the design.

I am breastfeeding my baby, can I get a tattoo during this period?

Whe have a lot of experience, but for answering this question it is always best to consult your doctor first.
We are no medics.

Are tattoos color pigments safe?
The pigments we use are under the control of the Food and health authority.

I have a medical condition or allergy can I get tattooed?
Whe have a lot of experience, but for answering this question it is always best to consult your doctor first.
We are no medics

Are you wheelchairs accessible?
No Unfortunately not.

I am pregnant can I get a tattoo during this period?

No, unfortunately we don’t tattoo pregnant ladies.

Can you make a drawing that I can tattoo later ?
No sorry, we do not have time for this.

Are tattoos expensive?
Not as much as you would think, of course, depends entirely on what you want to have done.
We charge the same cost of similar professional tattoo artists with equivalent service and qualitative reputation.

Can you give a pricing by phone or email?
No, unfortunately, we can not.
In order for us to be able to give you a suitable answer, you have to come to the shop in person.

Can you give me some more information about your waiting list by phone or email?
No, unfortunately, we can not.
In order for us to be able to respond appropriately to how long (or short) you going to have to wait for your tattoo  you have to enter the shop yourself.

I want a small tattoo  do  you do walk-ins?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Yes every Wednesday is walk-in day for smaller tattoos.     *Full=full.                                      *Follow our FB page @inkredibleinktattoo16b for more info& updates regarding walk-in days

I  looked at your website and what I’m looking for is not on there do you also do other styles?
On the website and on social media is a presentation of our most favourite  work.
But almost everything is possible so bring your ideas to the shop.

Do you also do cover up tattoos?
Yes, if it is possible, we do cover up tattoos.

What time is the shop open?
You can find the opening hours of the shop on the link: contact.

For more info about our studio and  about how we work you can read here

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