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Payasas (clown girls), day of the dead girls surrounded by roses or even iconized with like madonna’s, goddesses, amazons and
demons play a key role in black and grey tattooing.
Often these tattoodesigns have powerful meanings for example like angels increasingle popular for memorial tattoos, as they represent the divine presence of God or a guardian angel watching over us.
Also the payasas (clown) the idea of not showing weakness no matter what life throws our way, a homage to female strength, resilience, and grace.

Dont let no one get you down”

As the practice of tattooing has been around for centuries it has recently become a serious art form and a popular way to express oneself through wearing art on your body, whether its a small tattoo or a  tattooed sleeve , backpiece or full bodysuit, tattoos are not only visually stunning but also symbolic and meaningful to the wearer

The center stage of women in art and tattoo is very understandable.
The image of a beautiful lady displayed gracefully with luscious long dark hair, dark macabre make up and decorated with beautiful flowers jewellery these details element give the artist very interesting subjects to work with in design, art and tattoos.
With the correct tattoo placement these designs are made to flow naturally with the shape of the body.
These tattoodesigns can be used as a single tattoo or part of a bigger project like the center part of a tattoo sleeve or backpiece…

In this book Hola Chicas I pay tribute to Chicano art and the book celebrates the beauty, courage, and strength of women and captures this spirit .
The book Hola Chicas is collection of illustrations and plates I worked on over the years working as tattooist based in the Netherlands and during my travels across the globe.
I am a all round  tattooartist but mostly known for fineline Black and Grey.
My book Hola Chicas is published by Tattoolife and is the second title in The Golden Flash Collection series, and a tribute to Chicano and women as the heart of the world.

I am honored for being able to share my work with you thruh this publication by Tattoolife.

«There are so many Southern California artists who are outstanding interpreters of the “purest” Chicano fineline, and as a publishing house we have often showcased their work in other volumes. In this case, I was really struck by how Maarten has managed to revisit this style. He has created a new interpretation of Chicano tattoos as a European, offering contaminations whose origins lie in European tattoo history.»
(from the introduction by Miki Vialetto)

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