Our story


Maarten’s fascination of illustrating people started at a young age, watching his father artist/painter work. His interest for art and creating things grew under this influence. He started tattooing in the mid 90’s, and opened his first shop in 1999 five steps down from the beach in one the most idyllic places in Holland;  Katwijk ZH.

His passion for tattooing, his will to grow and his many travels made him the person and well known internationally recognized artist he is today.

Maarten is a allround artist who is specialized in custom and freehand original black&grey, as well in large scale singleneedle tattooing

He travels the world to give the best of himself to you. A tattoo from Maarten is not just like any tattoo, it’s like a gem or jewel that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Most of the work he does is drawn freehand directly on your skin, or if necesarry worked out on the spot into a suitable tattoodesign.

Maartens tattoos are caracterized by crisp & clean custom work and honest designs that will withstand the test of time.

Getting tattooed by us?

For more about Maarten’s tattoos check his Instagram below, ( no app needed)