Single needle Angel

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Maarten Emily (@maartenemily)       This is how my singleneedle tattoos look healed. So are you looking to get some black and gray Tattoo?… Inkredible ink tattoo has over twenty years of experience in custom  black and gray tattooing . Getting tattooed by us?

Single needle tattooing

      Single Needle black and Gray Tattooing  since 1999,  like it says al is done with 1 single needle. No shaders, mags or other large groups of needles , Single needle black and gray the original and only way to create that Smooth and Soft stipple shading wich is needed to get that real authentic street…

Black and gray tattooing

      Black and Gray Tattooing, finds most of his origin from the prisons and the streets, characterized by their soft gray tones silky smooth shading fine lines and elegant script. Subjects like Roses, Religious, Payasa’s, Hyna’s, Skulls and much more, flowing together in a dreamlike manner telling a personal story of the wearer….